Welcome to the Ludovissy and Associates Insurance blog site! We are so happy you popped in to check us out. Since this is new to us, we are going to ease in by giving a little introduction to the agency.

Ludovissy and Associates is a Trusted Choice Independent Insurance Agency. With locations in Dubuque, Bellevue and East Dubuque, IL we work hard to ensure our clients are protected in the event of accident, fire, theft, natural disaster and so much more. Our award winning customer service and knowledgeable staff have made us a staple in the community and we look forward to introducing the entire staff to you in upcoming posts.

We, at Ludovissy and Associates, understand that insurance can be complicated (some would even say confusing) and we want to make it easier for you by offering you general information to our most asked questions. With over 30 years of experience in the insurance industry we have a vast amount of information to share. It is our hope the information we provide here will arm you with the knowledge you need when considering your insurance options. If you would like an insurance quote on your business, home, auto, farm, life or health please contact our office. Helpful staff at any of our three locations would be happy to discuss your specific business and/or personal insurance needs with you.

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