4 Hot Weather Auto Tips

Depending on what part of the country you reside, you’re likely to be driving around in the heat a good part of the year. While some prefer it to the cold, it can be just as hard on your car. When you’re cruising around in the heat, make the best of it by giving your car some extra TLC.

Replace fluids
Believe it or not, you’re not the only one who’s thirsty when the weather’s hot. It’s important to keep your vehicle lubricated and many of us do a great job of maintaining our oil changes however, there are other essential fluids to a car’s function as well. Don’t forget about engine coolant and your brakes and transmission fluids. These are vital to your car running at optimum.

Don’t neglect your tires
Checking your tires regularly is important especially if you’re planning a long distance road trip. Pay close attention to tire pressure and tread wear. The pressure in all of your tires needs to be what your manufacturer recommends. If you’re not sure, consult your owner’s manual. Don’t forget that in hot weather, tire pressure rises about a pound for every 10 degrees Fahrenheit.
When it comes to tread wear, make sure it’s minimum depth is 3/32 inch. Also frequently check tread, making sure the pattern is even and not worn. If you find that the pattern on your tires is uneven, this means you’ll likely need a wheel alignment.

Keep it cool
Let’s face it, it’s hot out! While there’s usually no escaping the heat, there are ways to make it more manageable. Try parking in the shade whenever you can, or use a sunshade on the windshield of your vehicle. No one likes trying to drive with their hands touching a piping hot steering wheel, not to mention it’s dangerous!

Be choosy about the items you keep in your car
In addition to items like tools and safety kits, water, towels, and dry snacks, are nice to have around in the Summer. Unfriendly hot weather car items include: dairy products, hair spray, soda, various cleaning products, make up, and basically anything that melts under heat. Be safe and stay cool!

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