The Clash of the Seasons

This time of the year is fragile as we get hit with a clash of the seasons. It’s snowing one day, raining the next and the day AFTER THAT, 60 degrees and sunny. We hear the sounds of the birds chirping as we get up in the morning but the TV weather forecast scares us into thinking we aren’t out of the darkness of winter, yet.

A major issue caused by the intersections of the seasons is flooding. The snow is melting with the warm temperatures but the rain is also beginning and continuing to fall. Our area is no exception to this situation. People will be reminded of how fragile this time of the year is, when the winter thaw begins to open up ice flows on creeks and rivers.

We all know that flooding has been a natural occurrence across these water lines for a long time, but the actual act of flooding can still be alarming, disrupting, destructive and, possibly, life-changing for the communities that are hit by it.

So, there is no question that the seasons, and the environment, are reminding us more and more of the value of insurance coverage, especially for our homes and livelihood.

The correct insurance coverage can be particularly helpful when a flood makes it impossible to return home right away. Recovery can take weeks and months after a flood has hit. Then there is also the rebuilding phase: removing all the damage caused by water and mud.

Having coverage to rely on during this time is critical and essential.
If you think your home is a bit exposed in a flood plain or near a river, and your current policy just covers the basics, then you may need to look into finding the appropriate coverage for your home, business and lifestyle. Obviously, it’s not the best way to identify what’s missing in a coverage policy AFTER a flood, or other natural disaster, has occurred.

Flood insurance is available through the federal government’s National Flood Insurance Program, however, it’s a better bet to purchase a flood insurance policy from the same agent or company who provides you with your home insurance.

Taking care of your coverage gaps ahead of time is the smart idea. You will be relieved that you did the work that will help you when you need it.

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