Important Recreational Vehicle Safety Tips

With summer right around the corner, many owners of recreational vehicles find themselves itching to get out and enjoy some time outdoors. However, if you’re the owner of a recreational vehicle such as a boat, RV, ATV or motorcycle, there are some important safety tips you’ll want to keep in mind.

For Boat OwnersImage

One of the most important pieces of advice you should heed as a boat owner is always being aware of the weather forecast. Just because it looks bright, sunny and calm when you leave the dock doesn’t guarantee that the weather won’t take a turn for the worse while you’re out in the water. Keep a quality weather radio with you at all times, and never hesitate to head back for shore if you begin to see dark clouds or experience high winds.

For Motorcycle Owners

Never hit the road without donning the right safety gear; this includes not only a helmet, but gloves, goggles and plenty of leather, as well. Furthermore, practice defensive driving while on your bike. Most of the vehicles on the road will be much larger and heavier than your bike, so you should exercise as much caution as possible. Double check your lanes before merging, and be sure to keep plenty of distance between you and other drivers.

For ATV Owners

One of the biggest mistakes ATV owners make is trying to fit more than one person on a vehicle at once. Most ATVs are designed for only one rider at a time for a reason, so be sure to heed that advice for a safe ride. Also, consider taking an ATV safety training class to learn how to properly handle the vehicle on all types of terrain. Of course, you should invest in the right protective gear, as well.

For RV Owners

Before hitting the road in your RV, you can prevent a lot of common mishaps by performing a simple safety check. This includes checking brakes, lights, tire inflation, hoses and safety cables. Furthermore, ensure that all bay doors are closed/latched, be aware of road and weather conditions and disconnect all lines running from the RV before hitting the road. Also, always be aware of your RV’s height so as to avoid dangerously low overpasses and other clearances while driving.

Recreational Insurance Options

No matter how safe you are with your recreational vehicle, it’s always good to have recreational vehicle insurance in the event of an accident or damage. Furthermore, a solid health insurance policy is recommended if you plan on operating any of these recreational vehicles in Dubuque, IA. For more information, check out Ludovissy and Associates Insurance.

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