shutterstock_125980700To be or not to be hands free: alternatives to texting and driving

With summer in full swing, there is plenty to do with graduation parties, family get-togethers and nights around brightly lit, burning campfires. No matter the occasion, we want everyone arriving safely to and from every summer destination. That means sharing rides with friends, traveling busy highways and making new memories that last a lifetime.

However, that can all change in a split second. In the short time it takes to text “We’ll be there in ten,” life can change forever. Here at Ludovissy & Associates insurance, we want to share safe driving tips to help make sure your family is protected all summer.  By learning driving safety tips and sharing the dangers of texting and driving with your teen, you can help save lives.

Today, teens are busier than ever trying to conquer the world, accepting each new advance in technology as a battle cry for multi-tasking. Their whole world is at the touch of a finger. As parents, we are hardwired to juggle family, work and fun. Teens follow in our footsteps, only now with top of the line technology, better cars and the compassion to change the world.

Texting and driving is a serious offense. Take a look at these statistics provided by

  • In 2011, 23% of auto accidents involved cell phones – 1.3 million crashes
  • 13% of teen drivers (18-20) admitted to texting and driving during times of auto accidents
  • 82% of teens (16-17) own a cell phone, 52% admit to driving and talking on a cell phone and 32% admit to texting and driving


Without helpful technology, basic daily tasks could be much more difficult for many of us. However, we want to teach our teens that there are alternatives to texting and driving. Here are different ideas and alternatives to texting while driving:

  • Bluetooth Headset
  • Cars with built-in Bluetooth technology
  • Voice-to-text Aps
  • Automatic message responder
  • Pull over-if an emergency

Getting Involved

Texting and driving is a serious offense. Teens and parents everywhere are taking a pledge to work together to lobby bills, create prevention campaigns on safe driving and educate others on the prevention of texting while driving. Take the pledge today! Here at Ludovissy & Associates Insurance, we care and want to keep your teen driving safely all summer long. Promote safe driving, get involved today and show you care.


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