Tips to Save on Insurance Premiums

bankWe all want to save money where we can these days, but how can you do that on your home and auto insurance without sacrificing coverage? Here are some easy ways to save on your premiums.

Bundle, Bundle, Bundle Having your home and auto with one company can often save you in premium. Don’t forget to bundle your boat, RV and motorcycles as well.

Good Students If you have youthful drivers, one of the best ways to save for young drivers is for them to get good grades. Good student discounts go a long way toward reducing the premiums associated with young drivers.

Updates Inform your agent of any major updates to your home. A new roof, furnace, air conditioner, wiring and plumbing can potentially save you on premiums.

Go paperless Many companies are doing their best to go green and some offer a nice discount if you elect to not have paper bills mailed to you.

Pay in full Not all companies offer a pay in full discount but those who do usually offer a substantial discount when you pay in full.

Pay through EFT If you can’t pay in full, and choose to pay monthly; many companies will charge you a fee to send out your monthly bill and wait for you to mail them a check. By paying monthly through EFT (electronic fund transfer) you can save on that monthly fee and still not have to pay your entire premium up front.

Don’t let your policy lapse You will pay a higher price if you don’t have continuous auto or home insurance. Keep continuous coverage!

Small things that can add up to big savings, what’s not to love?

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