Do I Need an Agent?

Consumers today are bombarded with information. Everywhere we turn we have someone telling us what to buy, where we should buy, how we should buy and why we should buy from a specific company. The insurance industry is no different. We have all seen the ads…getting an insurance quote is EASY! FAST! CAN SAVE YOU MONEY! Consumers are faced with many options when it comes to purchasing insurance and while there is a certain appeal to the fast and easy option of the internet, there are definite benefits to having an agent on your side. Here are a few:


Agents understand insurance coverage and can explain and help you understand what you are paying for. Your agent will make sure you have the proper coverage to ensure that you and your property are adequately protected.


Claims processes can sometimes be messy. Having an agent to help you through the process can make everything much simpler. Agents can assist in filing a claim when necessary and can help to ensure the process continues to move forward. Agents can also advise you to the most cost effective way to deal with a claim situation, which may involve not filing a claim at all.


Independent agents have several companies they can quote to get the best rate possible for your situation. Agents also have the option to bundle your coverage; in most cases, having your home and auto policies with the same company can lead to pretty substantial discounts.


Agents are your advocate with an insurance company; they are on your side and work to get you the best rates and the best service possible. Agents make sure you aren’t just another nameless face in the crowd. Customer service is our business and we want to make sure you have the best experience possible.

Ultimately, the decision of using an agent/agency is in your hands. Regardless of whether you decide to go directly through a company or use an insurance agent; get quotes, educate yourself and make sure you are adequately protected in the event of an accident or disaster, you don’t want to find out too late that there are gaps in your coverage.

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