Stay Safe This Summer


School is out! Summer is here!
Whether you are taking a trip or sticking close to home, summer safety is not something to be taken lightly. Here are some great tips that will help to ensure this summer is one of lasting memories.

If you are traveling by car make sure you:

  • Keep a clear view and maintain proper line of sight with your mirrors and windows
  • Know your route. Being familiar with your route before you hit the road can prevent you from having to make dangerous sudden turns or lane changes
  • Take a break, it is important to maintain focus and avoid fatigue

If you are sticking close to home or when you reach your destination these tips are sure to come in handy:

    • Make sure you apply sunscreen and reapply often, to both your children and yourself
    • Use an effective insect repellent
    • Check yourself and your children for ticks
    • Teach kids to swim
    • Always supervise children around water
    • Use proper safety equipment for whatever activity you are doing
      i.e. Lifejackets, bike helmets, elbow and knee pads, etc.

For other great packing and travel tips check out this article.
Have a happy and safe summer!

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