Be Courteous

tumblr_mty7mofC1D1qedj2ho2_1280Did you know that July was National Cell Phone Courtesy Month? I don’t know about you, but my cell phone tends to be pretty important in my day-to-day life. It helps me remember where I’m supposed to be, reminds me which kid has practice or games at what time, holds my to-do list (e-mail), and if I’m being truthful, it also is procrastination tool with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and games, and I talk to people on it occasionally too! I try really hard to be respectful with my phone usage, but I think we could all use a friendly reminder once in a while, so here are some tips on being a courteous cell phone user.

  • Turn off your ringer if you are going to be at the movies, in a meeting, in church, etc. or better yet turn your phone off so you are not distracted or distracting to others.
  • If you are expecting a call, let the people you’re with know and then excuse yourself from the group when the call comes in.
  • Speak in a normal or even lower tone of voice when you answer your phone in public. I can guarantee no one cares what you’re having for dinner or where you are going on Friday night.
  • Cashiers deserve your attention and respect, finish your conversations before you get to the checkout line.
  • Same goes for bank tellers or anyone in the customer service profession.
  • Kids deserve your attention. Take some time to put the phone down during dinner or family movie night (even if the movie is boring).
  • Be present in whatever situation you are in. If you are constantly one your phone during dinner or a party, the people you are with will feel that they aren’t as important as what is happening on your phone.
  • Use hands free talking while you’re driving and never text and drive, not only to be courteous but to be safe as well.

You want technology to support your life, not run it. The problem is not that the cell phone rings, but the problem is that we answer it when we shouldn’t.~ Odette Pollar

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