Back to school

With local students heading back to the classrooms in the next week or so, it is time to start preparing both students and parents for a new school year.

Here are some tips that may help ease kids into the new school year:

  • Start enforcing bedtimes.
  • Start having the kids wake up and get dressed about the time they’ll have to once school begins.
  • Designated quite time and place for reading and/or homework in the afternoon.
  • Designate a place in your home where backpacks, lunch bags, shoes go so they are ready each morning.

Changes in routine and schedules can be equally difficult for parents, here are some tips to make things easier for yourselves:

    • Make a family calendar so everyone knows what activities take place each evening.
    • Make a meal plan.
    • Have an early dismissal/no school/sick day plan for when those events happen.
    • Encourage your child’s independence, let them handle things for which they are ready (ex. make lunches, lay out clothing).

To keep everyone safe here are some tips for everyone out there on the road:

      • Keep an eye out for buses and pay attention to their lights and signs.
      • Watch for children. Lots of children walk to school be mindful of pedestrians.
      • Put down your cellphone! Distracted driving is dangerous driving.

Whether you are sending your child off to kindergarten, college or somewhere in between, every year brings its own unique challenges and accomplishments, enjoy them! Let’s do our part to make this a safe and fun academic year!


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