Is Your Home Ready For Winter?


Here we are, smack dab in the middle of fall. Temperatures are falling, leaves are changing and while fall is my favorite season, it is also a big reminder that winter is just around the corner. There is no stopping it, pretty soon it is dark what seems like the majority of the day, temperatures start getting colder and of course the inevitable snow and ice will make an appearance. Since we can’t stop winter from coming we might as well be prepared for it. Here are some quick and easy tips to get your house ready for winter, so that when the really cold weather (and snow) hits you can kick back and enjoy the winter beauty from the comfort of your warm and cozy home!

  • Clean out the gutters
    • Cleaning out leaves and debris from your gutters is essential in preventing ice dams and keeping your drainage systems working properly. Ice dams can lead to water seeping into your home and causing damage. Save yourself the headache of repairing a leak by cleaning out the gutters before winter hits.
  • Check out your furnace
    • Build-up in your furnace and cause it to work less efficiently and potentially become a fire hazard. Having your furnace cleaned and inspected annually will reduce your fire risk and keep your furnace running efficiently. Also remember to change your filters regularly, this also keeps your system running more efficiently.
  • Reverse your fan
    • Ceiling fans are great in the summer to keep cool, but they are also helpful in the winter to circulate warm air. Reversing the direction of your fan will push the warm air downward and recirculate it through the room. For the winter your fan is spinning the correct way if the blades are spinning clockwise when you look up.
  • Windows
    • If you can’t afford to install storm windows in your home, use drapes and blinds to help reduce heat loss through the windows. If you have windows with direct sunlight, it could be beneficial to have drapes and blinds up during the daytime as to let the sunlight heat the space.
  • Exterior faucets
    • Make sure the water to outdoor pipes, vales and sprinkler heads is shut off and drained to prevent pipe bursts.

Take advantage of some of this gorgeous fall weather to ensure your home is ready for winter!

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