Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility

shutterstock_101035744-200x300With the weather finally turning warmer, the number of motorcycles on the road has begun to climb. Those numbers will only continue to grow throughout the next few months; and since it is Motorcycle Safety Month, we decided to help you out with a few safety tips to keep everyone safe.

For the Motorcyclist:

  • Wear protective gear, including helmets. Helmets greatly reduce the risk of death in the event of an accident.
  • Use turn signals. Other drivers can’t read your mind, let them know where you’re going.
  • Ride sober.
  • Follow at a safe distance. Give yourself enough time to get slowed down/stopped in the event of sudden braking from the vehicles ahead of you.
  • Obey the speed limit.
  • Share the road.

For the Automobile Driver:

  • Watch for motorcycles. Be aware of your surroundings, look twice before changing lanes or turning, motorcycles are a bit harder to spot than another automobile.
  • Stay Focused. No distracted driving.
  • Use turn Signals. Let other drivers know your intentions with enough time so they can adjust accordingly.
  • Drive sober.
  • Follow at a safe distance. Ensure that you have enough time to slow down/get stopped.
  • Share the road.

Do you see how similar these lists are? Whether you drive a motorcycle or an automobile the end goal is the same, get where you’re going safely. We each need to do our part to keep our roads safe for all.

Get out and enjoy this beautiful weather and stay safe!


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