Are You Ready For Some Tailgating?

There are so many amazing things about fall, the crisp air, the changing leaves, pumpkin everything (if you are one that likes all things pumpkin) and of course….football! Football season is in full swing and whether you are an avid football fan or tag along just for the good food and company we want everyone to stay safe and have fun while cheering on their favorite team this season. Here are some safety tips that will make your tailgate a success.

    • Plan your meals. Planning is key to any successful party, you don’t want to be at your tailgate and suddenly realize you forgot buns for your burgers. Make a shopping list and pick up your groceries prior to the tailgate date, this will ensure you have everything you need and you will even have time to prep some of the food to make the tailgate more enjoyable for all.
    • Plan your grill time. Cook times vary with different varieties of meat. Also, make sure to cook meat to the recommended temperatures, nothing will end a tailgate faster than having your guests become sick from undercooked meat.
    • Have a designated driver. Have a driver designated before any of the festivities begin so that everyone is ensured a safe way home.
    • Have a meeting spot. It is so easy to get separated from the group at a large sporting event. Having a designated spot picked out to meet, text each other and make phone calls can make the process finding each other a lot easier and safer.
    • Drink water. Spending the day outside in the sun can make you dehydrated. Keep yourself hydrated and enjoying the party by alternating water with your alcoholic drinks
    • Check the weather. Make sure you are aware of the weather forecast and plan accordingly. Don’t forget the sunscreen
    • Clean up after yourselves. Leave your spot in better shape than it was when you got there. Pick up your trash and place it in the appropriate containers. Recycle what you can. Put hot coals in an appropriate container away from the trash, hot coals and trash don’t mix!

We wish you all a fun and safe football season!



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