(Almost) April Fool’s Day

Spring is in the air! Nothing puts me in a good mood more than warm temperatures, blooming flowers, and the sun shining except maybe a good prank. With April Fool’s Day only a couple days away here are some clever (and kid-friendly) April Fool’s Day pranks! Enjoy!

  • Fill your child’s glass with Jell-O (Add a straw to the cup for the best effect)
  • Freeze your child’s morning cereal
  • Add food coloring to the milk
  • Swab the inside of the bathtub faucet with gel food coloring. When your child goes to take a bath they’ll get a colorful surprise.
  • Put a piece of clear tape over the sensors of the TV remote and game console remotes.
  • Poke tiny pinholes into a plastic water bottle using a sewing needle. Wipe down the bottle and set it on the counter. When someone picks it up their hand will cause a light spray of water to go everywhere.
  • Set the clocks in the house an hour or two early.
  • Put googly eyes on the food in your refrigerator
  • Hide bubble wrap under a rug and wait for someone to step on it.
  • Block the spout of the shampoo bottle.

**All of these pranks are meant in good fun with no harm intended. Prank responsibly!

april fools day


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