Stress…what stress?

April is Stress Awareness month. I don’t know about all of you, but there has definitely been enough stress in my life lately. The end of the school year always brings around a new crop of stress and now that the weather is improving, I think we all try to cram as much into the daylight hours as we can. Between work and families and other activities, it is no wonder we are a society of stressed out individuals. Here are some great ways to manage your stress and anxiety.

  • Sleep. Often the root of our stress and anxiety is that we sacrifice sleep to “get things done”. This starts a vicious cycle interrupted/disruptive sleep and more anxiety. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep.
  • De-clutter. Physical clutter leads to mental clutter. Take some time to tidy up, you’ll be surprised and how that can help your stress and make you more focused.
  • Gratitude. Showing gratitude and being thankful can provide you a much needed center and make you feel less overwhelmed.
  • Food. Eat well balanced meals and don’t fall into the junk food trap. Eating well does wonders in providing calm and clarity.
  • Breathe. Long deep breaths send signals to the brain that it is OK to relax.
  • Play. Even when your to-do list is long, stopping for a moment to do something fun totally for you makes everything seem a little more manageable.
  • No. Remind yourself that it is OK to say No.
  • Acceptance. Put your stress in perspective and accept that you can’t control everything.
  • Exercise. Exercise releases endorphins and makes you feel good and more focused.
  • Talk. Find a friend that can understand what you’re going through with no judgements and let people help where they can.

Stress is always going to be a part of our lives, but we shouldn’t let it take over our lives.

Wishing you a calm and stress free day!


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